Felsenmeer AG - mobile security devices

We developed the "Felsenmeer Detection and Alarming Network" (Felsenmeer D.A.N.) to protect lone workers. It recognizes accidents and
gets help automatically, providing the time and place in buildings as well as outside of them.
To achieve this, several technologies are used:
  • ISM for in building localization with an resolution of less than 1m and up to 200m - adjustable to the situation at hand.
  • GPS for localization outside of buildings
  • GSM, UMTS and LTE to transmit and process alarms

The Felsenmeer D.A.N. fulfills the highest security standards, it is GS ("geprüfte Sicherheit") certified by the DGUV
and can be used to protect lone workers according to the DGUV Regel 112-139.

Whenever persons are out of sight or ear shot of others, work in dangerous environments or just living alone: The Felsenmeer D.A.N. enables a fast rescue by alerting helpers with the place of accident, without restricting the mobility.

News/Press releases
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